Shuchi Batra

Shuchi Batra, who started her literary journey by the age of eight, evolved into a poetic genius who enthralled readers with her distinct and moving poems. Her transformation of an embryonic poetry page into a thriving community with 100,000 loyal followers in just 15 months is evidence of her persistent dedication.

The author published A Million Times Over, her greatest achievement in 2021. It is a beautiful love story portrayed through the enthralling art of poetry. She became recognised as a pioneer in the field of romantic stories thanks to her unique style, which is distinctive in the literary world. With only an exclusive release in India, the book was highly praised and attracted the attention of national newspapers, journals, and social media influencers.

Her literary talent peaked when her first book became an Amazon best-seller, which was an incredible feat for a first-time author. Shuchi defied industry norms by selling an astounding 2500 copies, a figure that industry novices consider successful if they sell 200–400 copies.

Shuchi’s work gained popularity in the digital sphere, with over 10,000 downloads of A Million Times Over. Her poetry, skilfully woven into elaborate tapestries, resonated with people everywhere, even beyond national borders.

The young author’s literary expertise extends beyond novels; she has penned over 1000 poems, each a testament to her profound understanding of the human heart. Every novel she crafts is a poetic symphony, weaving tales of love in rhythmic verses that resonate with readers on a profound level.