Kinshuk Kumar

Kumar Kinshuk is an alumnus of T. A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal. He is a Gold Medallist graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi University, and he did his schooling from St. Anthony’s School, Ranchi. 
He has worked in multiple industries over the last two decades and has been a keen marketer and an avid sales person. He is a Co-Founder & Designated Partner in a newly launched real estate development enterprise.
Kinshuk has written six novels and a compendium of short stories. He has recently published a novel, “The Indian Emergency,” that is in the historical fiction genre. His first series of four books is known as, “The Kanke Killings.” It is a compendium of four novels in the Police Procedurals genre. One of them, the “Ritualistic Murder” is a Thriller, whilst the other three novels, “Two Indian Girls,” “Fatal Belief,” and “Daybreak,” are Mysteries. He also published a novella, “Bariatu Tales,” wherein he has dealt with the playful times of yore. It is a children’s book that adults of the 1960s and 70s would enjoy, along with today’s kids. His sixth work is called “Darling, You’re Obsessed,” and it is a work in the romantic suspense thriller genre for the younger adults.
Kinshuk dabbles in photography and Nazms (Urdu Poetry) in his free time. He simply adores his kitchen garden and loves making various kinds of salads from home-grown items like lettuce, Italian basil et al. He lives in Kolkata with his better half, Sony and his daughter Aryahi. His son, Aryan, works in Bengaluru. 
Kinshuk loves spending time with his family and friends and he takes part in the community celebrations with gusto.